Define You at BU

We are looking for personal quotes from students to help us truly define "You at BU". Each and every student is unique, so tell us...How do you define you at BU?

Tell us a little about "you"...

What class will you be in for the 2013-14 school year?

What activities are you involved in?

Can we quote you on that...

Are you OK with us using your quote in the 2013-14 yearbook (if selected)?

Would you be willing to be photographed for the yearbook if your quote is selected?

Email with address, phone with number and so on.

Let's get personal...

Please start your quote with either "Be you at BU by...", "You..." or "I am...".

What is your favorite season at BU? And why?

This year's yearbook will be done in chronological order by season, what season do you love most here at BU?

Make your mark by submitting your own photos for use in the yearbook! Submit your photos to: obiter1314@gmail.com